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  • A proven method for anyone who has ever thought about owning their own business, or currently does, that wants to add a powerful tool that makes an amazing impact on their client’s lives…
  • An easy to follow, step-by-step process that hands you the keys to natural, healthy, anti-aging that you can learn in just 2 days.
  • A simple plan that allows you to find & treat clients whenever you choose, wherever you are in the world – a beach, office, or your own home…
  • What sets our process apart from other methods, so you can set yourself apart from your competition.
  • A high ROI potential means more time working for yourself, and not for others.
  • AND stick around till the end of the class to get our FREE Nutritional Facelift program so you can start looking younger, today!

Presented By:
Carla Green

Carla Green is the founder of Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation. A registered acupuncturist, business owner, coach, and mother. She’s helped thousands around the world through the best, or most difficult times in their lives with total and complete passion for natural health and helping others be their best.

“Class information and technique is backed up with over 25 years of experience. Instructors are knowable, enthusiastic, passionate, and gentle! Loved level one, then came level two! Added far more tools to our practice, built stronger confidence and tied it all together! Thank you Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation! Great classes!”

Terri W

What a phenomenal experience. I knew there was more to the protocol than just facial rejuvenation but totally didn’t expect my jet lag to be eliminated within a few minutes of receiving the meridian balancing. And after the Day 2 meridian balancing and acupressure on feet and ears my left index figure is now completely pain free after months. I’m also leaving Canada with less wrinkles, plumper skin and brighter eyes.

Vicki Clifford, Australia

If you are on the fence about taking this course, DO IT!! You won’t regret the freedom it can provide. I’m currently working in several locations in the greater Toronto area, but have expanded my services to a little island in Honduras, called Utila!! How great is that? No more cold winters, just the Caribbean sea!

Mary Raitt, Ontario, Canada