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100% of our patients indicated on their Feedback Form that they would recommend SCFR®, and that they saw an improvement in their skin and face.

98% of patients rated their satisfaction with the outcome as between 8-10 on a scale of 10 (with 10 being extremely pleased).

4 Treatments : Client of Gumtree Wellness ~ Murrumbateman Australia

Jennifer is a Raindrop Practitioner, instructor and Aromatherapist in Murrumbateman, Australia


Photos shown in black and white help show the depth of lines and wrinkles easier in a 2D photo format. 

Neck: Skin tighter
Forehead: Smoother, deep groove reduced
Eyes: Fine lines improved, crows feet faded greatly
Cheeks: Groves on either side of mouth less, plumpness in apples of cheeks
Texture/ Tone: More even skin tone and texture

“The start up costs and the continued maintenance costs of this business are minimal. I found that I was able to start making a profit within the first month of opening! There is so much room to grow and create a business that fits your lifestyle.

Not only am I able to impact the lives of my clients but I’m able to treat myself and my family. This protocol is seriously the gift that keeps on giving.”

Ashley G

The Glow Hour

12 Treatments                                      

Neck: Skin tighter, jaw line more defined.
Forehead: Smoother
Eyes: Appear more open, lids less hooded, darkness under eyes resolved
Cheeks: Higher
Texture/ Tone: Rosacea resolved, tone and texture improved

“When I first started the treatment I was skeptical on how much of a change I would notice. After about three or four sessions I really started to notice subtle changes, my skin took on a more pinkish hue and a healthier look; the pinched look of my upper lip had almost disappeared and the skin under my eyes had started to tighten up. By the time I got to the end of the 12 sessions I really noticed a difference around my eyes and upper lip; my face does not have that sagging look – it has been drawn up. As an added bonus the rosacea around my nose and chin has pretty much been eliminated. I have been to one follow-up session and plan on continuing going back every 4 – 5 months. I’m 60 years old and am told I look more like 45 – it feels great.”

L Bellamy

12 Treatments                                      

*For accurate comparison purposes, Carla was positioned with head turned in same direction, same amount of smile,and same clothes on.**

Note the following areas:
Neck: Skin tighter, less wrinkles
Forehead: Two main horizontal wrinkles gone
Eyes: Lids less droopy, eyes appear more open, crows feet gone, wrinkles and baggy area under eyes gone. 
Cheeks: Groves on either side of mouth less when smiling. 
Texture/ Tone: Softer and smoother skin. 

6 Treatments : Client of Zani Body Works~ B.C, Canada

Neck: Skin tighter
Forehead: Smoother
Eyes: Dark circles decreased dramatically
Cheeks: Groves on either side of mouth less
Texture/ Tone: More even skin tone and texture

“In the past 3 yrs, I’ve researched many opportunities in the Health & Beauty industry in search of a career change. I found what I considered to be the ultimate procedure so I signed up for the SCFR Course. Since it’s the ONLY ‘non-invasive’ procedure I found that not only improves skin health but actually lengthens or shortens facial muscles (can you say YOUTHFUL appearance) I was thrilled! The hands on course educated me on skin nutrition and product knowledge, in a small class setting with 2 instructors that were patient, knowledgeable and available for any and all questions. Fortunate enough to not only give but receive 2 facial rejuvenation treatments. I left smarter and younger looking. Can’t wait to take Level 2. Side bonus of the class, meeting interesting women from all walks of life from all over North America. If you haven’t tried the procedure you are missing out. If you are considering a full or part time career… may have just found it!”

Gail P.

Client of Brett Tilsley with Natural Beauty and Health Rejuvenation, 
And Debbie Swingly. Located in Biggar, SK. 

15 Treatments – Client is an active smoker which typically means double the treatments is needed.                                         

History of Bellspalsy- has evened out.
Neck: Skin tighter, less wrinkles, jaw more defined
Forehead: Lines greatly reduced
Eyes: Much less hooding, fine lines and dark circles faded
Cheeks: tighter and plumper. Fine wrinkles smoothed out.
Lips: Lines above lips less deep (particularly challenging area for a smoker)
Texture/ Tone: Softer tone, overall brightness and improved texture.
Additional Note: Client has not yet incorportated the recomended nutritional supplements.

12 Treatments                                           

Neck: Skin tighter, less wrinkles, jaw more defined 
Forehead: Lines reduced
Eyes: crow’s feet much reduced, eyes less hooded, skin under eyes tightened
Cheeks: higher 
Lips: Lines above lips reduced
Texture/ Tone: Softer tone, better color


Additional Note: Client has been coming for over 10 years now for maintenance! innocent

12 Treatments

Neck area: Scar on neck became thinner, jaw line more defined
Forehead: Lines are gone
Eyes: eyes appear more open, lids less hooded, eyebrows less drooped
Cheeks: higher
Lips: wrinkles on upper lip gone
Texture/Tone of skin: Marked improvement, pores became finer

Additional note: Pain related TMJ symptoms much improved

” I LOVED this course (level1)!! Already excited for level 2!! I am a holistic health practitioner of many modalities… Let me tell you… GREAT technique, SO MUCH value, and so professional! I am confident because I am equipped with the information and training to grow my business, the rest is up to me!! This is just the kick start I needed to MAKE IT HAPPEN!! HIGHLY recommended if you are interested in health and wellness as a practitioner! Thank you, Carla, Katrina & Dylan for a wonderful experience! “

Michelle M

12 Treatments

Jowls have been eliminated, downward grooves from corners of mouth totally gone.

Naso-labial folds completely gone, under-eye puffiness greatly reduced, cheeks much higher.

Horizontal forehead grooves gone, horizontal grooves between eyes almost erased, eyes open wider and hooding reduced, upper cheek skin blemishes repaired, “orange peel” skin on neck now smooth.

Under-chin “hanging” skin completely tightened, upper lip wrinkles reduced, lips better defined right to the corners and very smooth,

Grooved arc between lower lip and chin erased, overall healthy natural skin colour and texture has been restored (client now seldom needs makeup).

Regain Your Face Client J.C., before and after ONE treatment session (no makeup).

Results noted by client after one session:

Cheeks higher and firmer, vertical grooves between eyebrows reduced.

Eyebrows higher and arched, improved naso-labial folds (the groove from the nose to the edge of mouth).

Eyes much less puffy, face appears slimmer, skin tone improved.

12 Treatments : Client of Shelley Davie of “Body in Balance” Alberta , Canada

Neck: Skin tighter
Forehead: Center groves much less deep, horizontal lines faded
Eyes: Hooding and bags decreased greatly
Cheeks: Groves on either side of mouth less
Texture/ Tone: Softer and smoother skin.. overall brightness

“I went into the class excited to learn how to help my hereditary drooping eyelids…..and now want to share this information with everyone! I learned SO MUCH MORE than I expected! Carla, Katrina & Dylan did such an amazing job teaching, helping, and making the class one of the best I’ve ever attended. I can’t wait for Level 2!”

Lori D

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