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For over 15 years we have seen the power of Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation. We get SO excited when we have skin care professionals join us who get to experience the DIFFERENCE that a whole body approach can make!

Watch this video to learn how this Esthetician compares traditional Microcurrent to Second Chance Face!

Have a look below at some of our most frequently asked questions. Click the + sign to see the full answer.

What does Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation do?

Teach non-surgical facelifts and whole body anti-aging.

Do I need to be a physio, acupuncturist or esthetician to participate?

No, we don’t choose our students or practitioners based on backgrounds, only passion for natural anti-aging.

Why do you use this specific Micro-Current Machine?
We have clinically used the Accu-O-Matic for over 25 years and have yet to find another machine that performs the same at a better price! One of the unique features, is it has the ability to evaluate as well as treat. This is integral to Meridian Balancing.

This is also a professional Micro-Current Machine, meaning it has many more parameters that we can use compared to an at home “cosmetic” unit. This allows us to treat the face, but also other clinical treatments (pain, wound healing, non needle acupuncture points etc)

Why did you choose two days for this training?
Trust me. It’s a full two days. There’s enough content that we could have stretched this to a week long, but that would be a week of accommodations, a week off of work, and a week of expenses for you.

Instead, we focused on specifics, hands on learning and provided you excellent notes!

What is the Income Potential or ROI?

We do not set our practitioner’s prices, but we do recommend a minimum charge of $147/ session, or packages of 12 with skincare and supplements for $1897.00. This means your entire start up costs are covered quickly. 

Do I need to pay in full right now?
We only require a $500 deposit to register your spot, with the balance due 45 days prior to the training date! We also work with a finance company (for Canadians) if you need additional support for funding.
How long do the results last? Why do they need follow-up sessions?

Because we are stimulating the skins health, sculpting the muscles and addressing the root cause of aging, results last quite a long time. Follow up is needed because aging still happens, and gravity still exists. These follow up sessions build on the foundation of the previous sessions, to maintain and further improve the results.

Can I do this in my home?
Yes. As long as you have your machine, you can do this anywhere in the world.
Is the machine Health Canada and FDA approved?
Will I receive a certificate after I’ve completed the course?
Yes, you sure will!
Am I allowed to do this in my country, state, county, town?
It’s the responsibility of the practitioner to follow local licensing and state requirements.
Will I be able to treat acne with level 1?
There’s going to be improvements with acne in level 1 due to the healing nature of the micrcurrent and products we’re using. The same goes with rosacea and TMJ.
Why do I have to come back to do level 2? I want to do them both at the same time.

Level 1 is a knowledge filled, intense two day training with a lot to cover in this timeframe. We want you, the practitioner to leave confident and 100% sure of your new skills. This means it’s important to go away and practice and come back for additional training

Do I need to bring a model someone to do this on?

In Person Training: No! You will practice with other students.

Live Online: You may want to have a model available for practical OR you are able to practice on yourself. We recommend a mixture of both. Day one on yourself, day two on a model. This allows you to get a feel for the technique on yourself and a model. 

Bonus! You are able to treat yourself! 

Why don’t you use electroconductive gels?

These can not only dilute the current, but often contain toxins and chemicals we don’t want on our body. Plus they aren’t necessary for the operation of this machine.

Does the machine need to be maintained and does it have a lifespan?

No! We still use the first machine we ever bought. It’s 28 years old!

Maintenance is typically 4 D cell batteries once/ year. 

What other equipment is needed?

A massage table is recommended.

What is the cancellation policy?

We have an incredible cancelation policy and you have 2 years to use your deposit should you have to defer.

How can I learn more or join a training?

Book a call to speak with an instructor! This allows us to answer any remaining questions as well as ensure the program is a good fit.

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