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Course Details

Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation teaches you our proven SCFR® protocol step-by-step, so you can bring in new clients, treat yourself or your family easily from your own home or build a business and start earning income right away!

In your comprehensive training, you’ll learn our registered, groundbreaking anti-aging protocol, receive immersive hands on training, and you’ll leave with everything you need for your successful business in just 2 days.

We’ve tailored our courses to give you the tools, skills and hands on experience to allow you to start on your new career path and start earning what you’re worth. Many students have recuperated the cost of their training very rapidly, found enjoyment out of helping others, or added to their impressive set of career skills.

The Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation course and learned protocols address local signs of aging such as sagging skin, dark circles, puffy eyes, droopy eyelids, acne, red complexion, sun damaged skin, wrinkles, Rosacea, scars and much more!

We provide our students with a USB full of everything you need to get your business up and running, including course manual, clinical intake forms, marketing outlines, client hand outs and more! PLUS, Access to the Second Chance Success Group so you can strategize and get help from the instructors of Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation AND previous students that are succeeding!

Level Two

You must complete Level One prior to Level Two. Training’s can not be combined
  • Advanced course manual and color laminated quick reference sheets for new protocols
  • Advanced theory and techniques: targeting problem areas so you can stand out among other facial practitioners
  • Extra protocols targeting specific situations (Acne, Rosacea, TMJ, Quiting Smoking): Broaden your client base to include teens and seniors!
  • Information on marketing for success, to give you the impetus to move to even greater levels
  • Includes a portable Microcurrent unit. You can expand your services and product line!
  • Advanced Technician status after completion of Level Two training.

Upcoming Course Dates

Level 1

September 23, 24 2023


Level 1

JANUARY 20-21 2024


Level 2

November 18, 19 2023


Level 1

MAY 4-5 2024


Level 1 Course Breakdown

Level One TWO DAY TRAINING gives you everything you need to perform the Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation Microcurrent Facial. You can treat yourself, or incorporate it into a business. Within this you will learn specific acupressure points as well as Meridian Balancing to address aging from the inside out.

We want you to leave fully understanding not only the HOW but the WHY of what you do.

Micro-Current: How it works, why we use it, what the client can expect to feel

How Skin Ages: Learn the science behind how skin ages and what we do to combat it

Photographs & Client Interaction: How to properly take before and after photos, and how to utilize them in your business.

Learn the Ancient Eastern Medicine Art of Balancing the body.

Powerful: An incredibly powerful ROOT treatment that can be performed safely and quickly

No Needles: Protocol using Micro-Current means no needles and no prior education required

Versatile: This amazing protocol helps harmonize the body, creating a healthy healing environment that supports the skin, but also all other body systems. Clients have been known to have various unrelated health symptoms completely resolve with this powerful treatment. This will help set you apart as a practitioner. Your clients will not only LOOK younger but they will FEEL better! This creates lifelong clients and friendships.

Enjoy the AMAZING benefits of Acupuncture for your clients, your family, and yourself, without the use of needles!

Facial Rejuvenation: Learn specific points used to stimulate collagen production, and heal the skin, to create a healthy, youthful look

Expand: Learn how you can use these skills to treat ANY Acupuncture point in the body, with NO needles. This means you can treat yourself and your family for injuries, cold and flu season, and anything else life throws at you.

Learn the science behind the topical products we put on our skin, and how it may be helping, or hurting your health.

Essential Oil Infused: Learn the science behind WHY we have used essential oil infused skin care products for over 15 years in our protocol with amazing results.

Toxic Chemical Free: We recommend and use only the best when it comes to skin care. That means you wont find harsh chemicals or damaging ingredients in anything we use! Beauty should never come at a price to your health.

Facial Massage: Learn the basics of a facial massage so your client has a relaxing ending to their session. No massage training required!

Learn how your health impacts your skin and aging process

Nutrition: Learn how poor nutrition can impact the health of your skin, body, and the aging process

Cellular Level: This protocol has been designed to address aging at a cellular level. Learn the theory on why cells break down and what you can do to slow and reverse the process!

Supplements: Sometimes supplements are needed to help fill in nutritional gaps. Learn what we have nicknamed the “Nutritional Face Lift”

I am feeling truly blessed to have completed Level 1 of Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation. The wealth of knowledge, support and amazing energy put into this training shines! This course left me feeling confident with skills and excited to get started on my own little business and wellness journey. Carla, Bill, Katrina and Dylan…I am forever thankful!
Jill Blockson, AB

There’s never been a better time to start your own business…

Who takes our courses?

  • Professionals currently working in the medical, cosmetic or health and wellness industry looking to try natural procedures or expand their customer base.
  • People wanting to experience the benefits of self treatment and avoid costly, or painful surgery or cosmetic procedures.
  • Individuals looking for a flexible new job that fits into their lifestyle.
  • Anyone looking to generate more income!

What is SCFR®?

SCFR® (Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation) is a whole body approach to anti-aging. We incorporate local treatment of the face using frequency specific microcurrent and essential oils combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine methods to improve overall health. This holistic approach enhances the local treatment effects which produces a longer lasting result, with zero pain or risks.

These holistic treatments include:

  • Non needle acupuncture and meridian balancing. These centuries old methods help harmonize and balance the body.
  • We incorporate pure essential oils to support the skin as well as overall health.
  • We include diet, lifestyle and supplement advice based on research and scientific evidence to address aging from a cellular level.
  • We use specific current levels to achieve the optimal healing and muscle response, without causing pain or damage.
  • We do not use gels on the face. These often disperse the current or contain chemicals that we don’t want to drive into the skin.
  • We do not use wands but specific probes: These probes use only water and Q-tips, and allow us to target specific muscles in the face, giving the lift that is desired.
  • The q-tips allow us to use a targeted and specific approach, working from the origin and insertion of the muscles to sculpt the face.

Other procedures take a more general approach focusing on the local area only. This creates less complete results that may not last as long. There is also the added concern regarding toxicity, infection, irritation and risk of permanent damage with many other procedures.

 True Anti-aging at it’s Finest

“The training and knowledge that was shared in the first few hours of the first day made the all course worth it. And then it just kept getting better. Thank you so much Carla and Katrina and all those in the class with me that helped me and shared with me. True anti-aging at its finest.”

Marcel Munoz, AB

Imagine a business where…

You set your own hours; around your life and your family

You have the skills to treat yourself, everyone in your family and your clients, with no side effects! 

You have versatile treatment options… it’s not JUST about looking good, it’s about health too.

You’re profitable, with LOW start up costs and almost no overhead.

You have the ability to treat yourself, anytime, anywhere.

You have a mobile business, so you can work where YOU want to.

You have clients breaking down your door to get access to a proven, exciting process that actually works!

This can be YOUR Health & Wellness Business when you sign up for Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation® Today!