With age comes wisdom. Wrinkles are optional.®

Natural, Non-invasive Microcurrent Training

Teaching Skin Care and Health and Wellness Professionals for over 15+ years

Microcurrent facial rejuvenation is a fast growing service. It’s natural, non-invasive, and consists of simple/relaxing treatments of 60 minutes a session. We have combined the science of modern bio-medicine with the tradition of Chinese Medicine.

Our unique SCFR® Microcurrent protocol provides up to date techniques, an improved skill set, and a thorough understanding of how microcurrent works.

In our training courses, students will:
• Learn how to rejuvenate your facial complexion without surgery
• Learn how microcurrent can stimulate acupuncture points, without the use of needles
• Train with some of the best in the industry
• Learn our groundbreaking anti-aging protocol including topical products like skin creams, dietary supplements like vitamins and minerals

Our training courses will save you time and money. You’ll leave with everything you need for your successful business in just 2 days. This includes your Accu-O-Matic microcurrent machine, your products, quick reference guides, AND our business in a box package!


A New You

After 12 treatments this beautiful lady sees visible differences in the following areas: 

• Jowls have been eliminated, downward grooves from corners of mouth totally gone.
• Naso-labial folds completely gone, under-eye puffiness greatly reduced, cheeks much higher.
• Horizontal forehead grooves gone, horizontal grooves between eyes almost erased, eyes open wider and hooding reduced, upper cheek skin blemishes repaired, “orange peel” skin on neck now smooth.
• Under-chin “hanging” skin completely tightened, upper lip wrinkles reduced, lips better defined right to the corners and very smooth.
• Grooved arc between lower lip and chin erased, overall healthy natural skin colour and texture has been restored (client now seldom needs makeup). 

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Amazed by the transformation..

“One of my classmates had deep nasolabial folds, which is common for women as they age. When I treat these folds in my practice with a hyaluronic acid injection, like Juvederm or Restylane, it often costs the client $600-$800 to have these folds filled. I treated my classmate on the first day of this course with the Accuomatic and her nasolabial folds were gone. I could not believe it! Her whole face was noticeably tighter, higher, and the texture was wonderful. I can only imagine what she would look like with the recommended treatment protocol. I will definitely be using the Second Chance protocol myself and will introduce it into my cosmetic practice.”

~ Tanya Pentelichuk MD CCFP

Why Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation?

Microcurrent has been in Carla Green’s tool box from the beginning! It’s original use was to offer an acupuncture treatment for children and those afraid of needles.

Research shows Microcurrent increases ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, increases protein synthesis (soft tissue healing), increases cellular membrane transport by 40% (reduction in swelling and inflammation), activates T-Lymphocytes (strengthens immune system), and improves DNA synthesis (for soft tissue cell regeneration). It also increases wound healing by up to 300%!

That’s a lot of science, but the gist of it is that Microcurrent heals, with no injury, pain or side effects!

Additionally, Microcurrent can stimulate Acupuncture points, without the use of needles! This makes it safe and effective for anyone to use.

Microcurrent can be used on any age, for almost any condition. It is an easy to learn, and we use a high quality machine. We personally have a machine 25 years old that still works! It can be used on almost every part of the body, including on and around delicate areas such as eyes, nose, lips, and neck.

It’s gentle, effective and most importantly… safe!