The following is Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation’s (SCFR) deposit, refund, and cancellation policy. Please take a moment to read and understand the terms and conditions.

Please note all refunds will have a 5% administration fee applied to the total refund balance.


DEPOSITS: Deposit is due upon submission of this form. Your course registration and spot is not confirmed until the deposit is paid.

LATE PAYMENTS: Please ensure that your course balance is paid by your invoice due date. Failure to do so without prior communication may result in forfeiture of deposit and ineligibility for future courses.

Should you require additional time, please contact us before the due date to arrange an alternative time frame for payment.


COURSE ENROLLMENT DATE TRANSFER: We offer a course enrollment date transfer program. You can do so without penalty. Should you require an enrollment transfer for any reason to a different

scheduled course, please contact SCFR to ensure class availability before making travel and accommodation arrangements. Transferred deposits MUST be used within 2 years of original course date, or deposit is forfeited.  Complementary and transferred enrollments are not eligible for refund/credit.


REFUNDS & CANCELLATIONS: Should you require a refund, or wish to cancel your enrollment in your upcoming course, please refer to the following to calculate your refund of balance paid:


> 45 DAYS TO COURSE: Full refund, minus a 5% administration fee, will be applied to your method of payment.

45 DAYS to 14 DAYS TO COURSE: 50% refund, minus 5% administration fee of balance paid to date.

<14 DAYS TO COURSE: Ineligible for any refund. Full transfer of paid funds to upcoming or later course.


Complementary and transferred enrollments are not eligible for refund/ credit.


Course Cancellations: Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation reserves the right to: cancel, change, or modify, courses, location, and dates, at any time, for any reason, with no financial compensation for direct, or indirect, consequential or special damages that may be incurred, beyond balance paid.


**We provide as accurate information as possible for current State/Province Legislation to offer this publicly as a service. It is the student’s sole responsibility to do their own research in to the regulations for the State/ Province that they reside in.  **