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How long do I have access to the course?

You have unlimited access to the video training modules, as well as the downloadable guides! Any future updates will also be made available!

How is this different from other hand held Cosmetic Devices?

This is not simply a cosmetic device, but it does improve skin! The variety of treatments you are able to use this for far surpasses the capabilities of a cosmetic unit. Additionally it functions hands free allowing you to go about your day!

Why this device?

We have been using this device in our Physiotherapy practice for 25+ years. This device is easy to use, learn, and is mobile and hands free. It’s ability to provide a variety of treatments makes it a no brainer!

Get Your FREE Nutritional Facelift Guide AND Unlock the Nutritional Pain & Injury Support Guide

Learn the Secrets to Supporting Your Skin, Injuries, and Wounds from the Comfort of Your Home!

What You’ll Gain

  • Nutrition is the key to unlocking optimal healing and vibrant health in your body. What you eat (or don’t eat) can directly impact the aging process!
  • Discover targeted nutritional strategies to accelerate healing, boost collagen production, and diminish signs of aging without any invasive procedures or expensive skincare products.
  • Uncover the foods you should avoid that may be speeding up the aging process.
  • Pain, injuries, and wounds are inevitable, but you have the power to help your body bounce back faster by providing the essential nutrition it needs for swift recovery.
  • Explore additional supplements that can bridge the nutritional gap and enhance your body’s healing potential.

Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to transform your skin and support your body’s healing process. Claim your FREE Nutritional Facelift Guide and Nutritional Pain & Injury Support Guide now!

Carla Green & Katrina Green-Creybohm

Carla Green & Katrina Green-Creybohm


Carla Green is the founder of Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation. A registered acupuncturist, business owner, coach, and mother. She’s helped thousands around the world through the best, or most difficult times in their lives with total and complete passion for natural health and helping others be their best.

Katrina Green- Creybohm followed in Carla’s passion for holistic health and wellness. With a degree in Kinesiology, and various certificates in Nutritional Health, food is a passion of hers.

What Our Students Have To Say:

“This is the perfect program to go along with the Micro Plus. This machine is so handy to have at home and performs so many functions. From keeping collagen boosted between professional sessions to treating soft tissue injuries and pain, it is a device that everyone can benefit from having in their ‘toolkit”. And the educational program, which shows exactly how to use it in any situation, is just the perfect addition. “

Sonya B.

Happy Customer

“With so much hype and erroneous information around skin care and ageing, I was so excited to finally receive good, solid, helpful information and practical hands on training.

If you are serious about taking some control over your wellness, I highly recommend both The MicroPlus machine and this fantastic course.”

Anna R.

Happy Customer

“This is a great course. I would highly recommend to my clients family and friends. Great price point for the in-depth information provided in the course along with the handy micro plus unit!”

Leauna C

Happy Customer