The average person has roughly 6200 thoughts per day. That’s about 4.3/ minute.


In 2020, a study found that the average person has roughly 6200 thoughts per day.

That’s about 4.3/minute. How do we harness such a beast? Point it, direct it, keep in on track without bypassing what we wanted to get done?

How many times have we laid in bed and said to ourselves “darn, I really wanted to get that done today, but I forgot about it”

Or felt something nagging at us that we just couldn’t put a finger on?

Maybe it’s the feeling of being overwhelmed when you can’t stop thinking about everything that needs to get done, but also can’t decide where to start.

That’s where brain dumps come in. taking time in the morning, or evening, or both to pour our thoughts and feelings onto paper. It sounds insurmountable to commit all those ideas rattling around in there to paper, but once you get started, you actually can and will hit an end.

What comes next is the fun part if you love lists or organization.  Categorize everything you wrote down into categories like:

To Do Today Next Week Thoughts Feelings Ideas

Or whatever categories work for you.

Now you have something tangible. The overwhelm is gone. You no longer HAVE to remember every little thing. Now figure out the top two “must do” items in each category… and do them!

If you don’t complete the whole list- that’s ok, because you accomplished what would have always been the top priority… but could have gotten lost in the shuffle of thoughts.

Doing this first thing in the morning helps you plan your day accordingly, or ask for help when needed.

When you do this before bed it can help calm and organize those thoughts that might be keeping you awake.

A more rested, organized you will accomplish more and feel less stress in your overall day.


Have you tried brain dumping? How has it helped you?

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