Skin Tags

Skin tags look like small, loose piece of skin hanging off various parts of the body.

They are harmless, but they are unsightly.

What are Skin Tags?
They are most commonly known as skin tags, but they are also known as:

  • Acrochordon
  • Cutaneous papilloma
  • Cutaneous tag
  • Fibroepithelial polyp
  • Fibroma molluscum
  • Fibroma pendulum
  • Papilloma colli
  • Soft fibroma
  • Templeton skin tag

They can show up anywhere, but are most commonly found on the neck, in the underarms, under breasts, and in the groin.

What Causes Skin Tags?
This is poorly understood. We do know that there are a few groups of people who are prone to them:

  • People who are overweight and obese
  • Pregnant women
  • Individuals with diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • People with the human papilloma (wart) virus
  • Steroid users

Are Skin Tags Harmful?
Absolutely not. Skin tags are completely harmless and totally benign. They are non-cancerous and are not a sign of skin cancer.

People have them removed simply because they don't like the look of them, not because the skin tag poses any sort of risk.

They can become irritated or infected if they are rubbed or scratched on a regular basis. They can get tangled in clothing and jewelry.

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