There are essentially two things that can contribute to pigmentation problems: aging and sun exposure.

As we age, our body stops producing the natural agents that keep our skin looking clear, tight and youthful. Your body also goes through a tremendous amount of hormonal changes that can lead to pigmentation changes and issues.

Also, when you don't use sunscreen, you open yourself up to just about every pigmentation issue you can have. To keep skin healthy (now and when you age) you need to make an effort to cover up with protective clothing or natural sunscreen formulations.

Types of Pigmentation Problems:
You run into problems when your body produces either too much melanin (also called hyperpigmentation) or too little (also called hypopigmentation). Either situation can cause unsightly side effects on your skin.

This term can describe a wide variety of skin conditions such as discolouring of any sort. Spots or blemishes can show up in colours like white, red, brown, pink. They can also manifest anywhere on your body, including the face. This might also include moles, birthmarks and melasma (Also called the pregnancy mask).

The three major ways that Hypopigmentation shows up on your skin includes vitiligo, albinism, and the loss of pigmentation due to skin injury or damage. Certain types of illnesses can also cause pigmentation changes.

Pigmentation Solutions

There are usually ways you can treat each respective type of pigmentation problem. However, stopping them before they arrive is always best. Again, be careful in the sun and use sunscreen whenever possible.

If you do see a change in your skin, be sure to see a doctor, dermatologist or trained professional.

The good news is many of these pigmentation problems are treatable. Different problems require different solutions, so there is no cure-all treatment.

Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation®

With the use of microcurrent treatment, you can decrease or reverse hyperpigmentation. There is no pain, no recovery time, no down time, just gradual resolution. Reported success rates with our clients is very high. This testimonial represents a typical result:

Megan S. Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation practitioner: "I am just finishing up with my first client, we are about to do her 12th session. Her melasma has lightened up significantly."

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics with pharmaceutical properties. Unlike pure cosmetics that simply cover or decorate the skin, cosmeceuticals have measurable biologic effects on the skin.

Laser resurfacing can help your acne scars, fine lines, skin texture, pigmentation, and shallow scars.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) The IPL's intense light is absorbed by blood vessels and pigmented areas. These dark structures instantaneously heat up and are damaged by this intense light. The body then repairs this minor damage, and in doing so the blood vessels and pigment spots are absorbed by the body and disappear.

Peels work in part by producing a controlled chemical burn to the skin. The injured skin "peels" off and is replaced by healthier skin. There are three categories of peels: superficial, medium, and deep.

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  • I did a facial rejuvenation treatment on a new client today. At the end of her appointment she said "Wow, that was pure bliss". What a great way to start the week. I love what I do and thanks to Carla and Bill for sharing this protocol. -Lisa Norman
  • The most dramatic changes were around the eye area and the jaw line. The texture of the skin also became more refined, the pores less defined. The facial creams and the essential oils are wonderful and the TMJ massage is awesome.-J.H
  • Reduction of deeper wrinkles around eyes and mouth, better skin tone, upper eyelids lifted making eyes look larger, a great experience! Rated experience 9/10 for satisfaction.-S.E