Moles are very common and appear on people of all ages. They can show up anywhere. There may be a genetic component to the production of moles. There are over the counter remedies available for moles. However, most are only somewhat effective.

What Exactly is a Mole?
Basically moles are a cluster of skin pigment cells. These cells would normally be spread throughout the body, but when they start to group together in larger numbers they form a mole.

As is the case with most skin issues, the odds of you being affected go up considerably as you spend time in the sun. People with fair skin are particularly susceptible to sun damage of any kind, and the appearance of moles is no exception.

Hormonal Changes and Moles:
You might see moles pop up when your body is going through major hormonal changes. This can range anywhere from puberty, to pregnancy, to menopause. You may also see moles appear if you start taking hormonal medications. They can also show up if you stop taking these medications.

Myths About Moles:
Some people believe that all moles are cancerous, or a sign of cancer. This is not true. Most moles are completely harmless. When in doubt, see your physician . Other people believe that picking at a mole will make it grow or become cancerous. These are both untrue, but picking at a mole is not a good idea as it may cause an infection. Moles can be removed, but only by a licensed and trained professional.

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