Acne Scars

Acne scars are insult to injury. Not only do you have to deal with the initial acne blemishes, you have to cope with the scars afterwards.

Acne affects 80% of people in their teens and twenties. Those who get deep cystic acne will develop scars.

The most important thing to do about acne scars is prevent them! You can check with your dermatologist, or begin Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation® treatments when acne begins.

However, once the skin has scarred, your options become more limited.

Acne Scars Solutions

Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation®

Using the of microcurrent treatment, you can decrease or reverse acne scarring. There is no pain, no recovery time, no down time, just gradual resolution. Reported success rates with our clients is very high. This testimonial represents a typical result:

Dermal Fillers:
Dermal fillers are substances that are injected under the skin to fill depressions such as lines, folds, and acne scars.

The most common filler for acne scars is hyaluronic acid. Using a small needle, the filler is injected under each scar to lift the depression.

Skin Resurfacing:
In the earlier days, acne scars were treated with harsh, deep chemical peels or dermabrasion, both which left a wound that required a month to heal. Early lasers made treatments more precise and safer, but downtime was still prolonged. There are many improvements in laser use, making it a better tool, with minimal recovery time.

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  • I did a facial rejuvenation treatment on a new client today. At the end of her appointment she said "Wow, that was pure bliss". What a great way to start the week. I love what I do and thanks to Carla and Bill for sharing this protocol. -Lisa Norman
  • The most dramatic changes were around the eye area and the jaw line. The texture of the skin also became more refined, the pores less defined. The facial creams and the essential oils are wonderful and the TMJ massage is awesome.-J.H
  • Reduction of deeper wrinkles around eyes and mouth, better skin tone, upper eyelids lifted making eyes look larger, a great experience! Rated experience 9/10 for satisfaction.-S.E