Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation® (SCFR®)

Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive, Natural Results

The Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation process uses microcurrent techniques to produce incredible, natural looking results. Using SCFR, local skin health is increased, along with improved circulation, texture, and the disappearance of scars and blemishes, allowing "the glow of youthful skin" to return. What makes SCFR unique is that it is non surgical, non invasive and completely safe. Unlike other procedures, SCFR is 100% pain free, incredibly relaxing and has no known risks or side affects involved. With comparable results to all of procedures below, SCFR is capable of attaining a huge variety of anti-aging results using only one process.

Many other procedures involve significant pain that often requires medication (pain relievers, anti inflammatory or antibiotics) that may also compromise the client's health. At times, the end result of surgical procedures or face lifts is an unnatural look with skin being too tight ("the surprised look") and texture/tone of skin remaining unchanged.

See how the SCFR procedure compares to a variety of other procedures: