SCFR Protocol vs. Other Microcurrent Facial Treatments

The main difference between the Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation® (SCFR®) system and every other anti-aging treatment for the face, is that the SCFR system is a total body system that includes local microcurrent treatment of the face. SCFR includes an evaluation component where the microcurrent machine is used to evaluate the energetic balance of the body and correct imbalances. Our goals are to improve the local tissues of the face, as well as improve the overall function of the body, as dysfunction of the body is the root cause of many of the negative changes on the face. The local microcurrent portion of the facial treatment works on both the skin level and muscle level. We have combined this technique with non-needle microcurrent treatment of master body and ear acupuncture points, meridian balancing, therapeutic grade essential oil topical products and supplements, and diet and lifestyle counselling. This total body approach is why the majority of clients spontaneously report results such as "my hot flashes have been significantly reduced, my insomnia is gone, I have more energy" etc. by their 4th or 5th session. This does not happen with microcurrent protocols that target only the face. With this kind of outcome you have an extremely loyal client who tell all of their friends, relatives and co-workers, expanding your client base by word of mouth - the most powerful advertising. Dr Tanya Pentelichuk, a physician with greater than 8 years of medical cosmetic experience, reported these finding from her experience with the SCFR protocol. You can view Dr Pentelichuk's feedback by viewing these 3 short videos. 

  1. Dr. Pentelichuk's testimonial on health benefits her patient with Rheumatoid arthritis experienced as a direct result of SCFR sessions.
  2. Dr. Pentelichuk on health benefits of the SCFR protocol.
  3. Dr. Pentelichuk compares Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation® protocol to collagen fillers and Botox.

With Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation®, visible improvement of the face can be seen in the first session. This is important to a new client as they can see the potential of the 12 sessions right away!

The Accu-O-Matic machine used in our protocol is extremely durable and has a 42 year track record of reliable performance. We have machines in our clinic that are 17 years old and only occasionally needed a replacement probe wire (a spare is included with the machine so you do not have any down time if a wire breaks). We have had 2 students attend our training with an original 1970 AOM machine which was still functioning perfectly. Any microcurrent machine can be used for our protocol as long as it has the correct microcurrent parameters, and has evaluation capabilities. The majority of cosmetic microcurrent machines do not have this evaluation capability.

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  • I did a facial rejuvenation treatment on a new client today. At the end of her appointment she said "Wow, that was pure bliss". What a great way to start the week. I love what I do and thanks to Carla and Bill for sharing this protocol. -Lisa Norman
  • The most dramatic changes were around the eye area and the jaw line. The texture of the skin also became more refined, the pores less defined. The facial creams and the essential oils are wonderful and the TMJ massage is awesome.-J.H
  • Reduction of deeper wrinkles around eyes and mouth, better skin tone, upper eyelids lifted making eyes look larger, a great experience! Rated experience 9/10 for satisfaction.-S.E