Student Testimonials

"I attended the Level 1 facial rejuvenation class in Salt Lake City this past weekend. Carla, you are a fun, charismatic, engaging and well educated speaker. Bill and Adam, you are such wonderfully supportive and knowledgeable additions to this training. Thank you all so much for generously sharing your expertise and experience.

My experience with this treatment was very exciting. I immediately felt the tingling and sensation increase in my face, and the next morning my husband said he noticed a change in my face. My eyes were tighter, and the lines I had below my eyes were noticeably less pronounced.

I also felt a fresh, supple tautness in my skin when I woke and washed the next morning. I can't wait to explore the possibilities this machine has, and to begin treating myself and others. Thank you so much for this opportunity!"

--Sarah Weinhold, Colorado, USA (June 2012)

"A testimonial about my TMJ experience at Carla and Bill Green's SCFR level one training in Salt Lake City, Utah.I was being practiced on by Robbie Hager and she was doing the facial rejuvenation protocol on the right side of my face.Robbie didn't know I'd had TMJ for 35-years. This TMJ was from a traumatic workplace accident where my face and jaw was forever changed.

After the training on June 24th, that evening I was laughing with Janie and yawning and realized I didn't have any pain in the TMJ jaw on the right side of my face. I didn't say anything to Janie or anyone else. But the next morning, at the second day's training, Carla was asking about our experiences from day one, and I started crying and said my TMJ pain was gone! It was amazing (and scary) to not have something you've lived with for so many years.The right side of my face is less puffy; there's no pain at my jaw joint; and there's no clicking in either direction when I move my jaw!

I'm truly blessed to have had this experience and grateful."

--Mary Jo Rowe, California, USA (June 2012)

"I feel very lucky to have been a part of the level 1 training course last weekend and am super excited to start putting what I learned into practice. I told my sister at the end of the 2nd day that it felt like we were all one big family in that room. That's how comfortable I felt with Carla, Bill and my fellow students. Thank you to everyone for the fantastic learning experience!!!!!"

--Lisa Pavelich Saskatchewan, Canada (April 2012)

"Thanks to Carla and Bill for a very informative and motivating Level 1/2 course this last weekend in Edmonton, Alberta. The course was chalk full of new information, amazing testimonials, and much fun and laughter. All students left fulfilled with new skills and younger looking faces. How great is that? I look forward to using my Level 2 skills as an Advanced Micro-current Facial Rejuvenation Technician."

--Leanne Schellenberg, Alberta, Canada (April 2012)

"One of my classmates had deep nasolabial folds, which is common for women as they age. When I treat these folds in my practice with a hyaluronic acid injection, like Juvederm or Restylane, it often costs the client $600-$800 to have these folds filled. I treated my classmate on the first day of this course with the Accuomatic and her nasolabial folds were gone. I could not believe it! Her whole face was noticeably tighter, higher, and the texture was wonderful. I can only imagine what she would look like with the recommended treatment protocol. I will definitely be using the Second Chance protocol myself and will introduce it into my cosmetic practice."

--Tanya Pentelichuk MD CCFP, Alberta Canada

"In the past 3 yrs, I've researched many opportunities in the Health & Beauty industry in search of a career change. I found what I considered to be the ultimate procedure so I signed up for the SCFR Course. Since it's the ONLY 'non-invasive' procedure I found that not only improves skin health but actually lengthens or shortens facial muscles (can you say YOUTHFUL appearance) I was thrilled! The hands on course educated me on skin nutrition and product knowledge, in a small class setting with 2 instructors that were patient, knowledgeable and available for any and all questions. Fortunate enough to not only give but receive 2 facial rejuvenation treatments. I left smarter and younger looking. Can't wait to take Level 2. Side bonus of the class, meeting interesting women from all walks of life from all over North America. If you haven't tried the procedure you are missing out. If you are considering a full or part time may have just found it!"

--Gail Pochylko, Alberta, Canada (Oct 2011)

"Started renting my own room this month, and in the first week of operation have generated almost 5k$, and am set to do much more by the end of the week- not only did I recoup cost of course and machine almost immediately, I now have one of the best paying and rewarding jobs! And so many happy younger people!"

--Adam Green, Alberta, Canada (Aug 2011)

"I have just attended the level 1 training in Calgary and have to say that I went in to the training feeling very skeptical that this would work. Well..... I was truly amazed at the results that I saw after just one treatment. My eyes felt more open, I felt more awake and yes wrinkles were less obvious. I am still amazed that so much can be achieved without the use of chemicals. I can't wait to see the difference after 12 treatments. Wonderful course, awesome people and very worthwhile. Carla was a joy to listen to and a superb speaker. Thanks once again."

--Jill Rogans, Alberta, Canada (Oct 2011)

"I attended the Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation training this past weekend and all I can say is that it has radically changed how I approach my days already. I did my 3rd session on myself on Tuesday morning and not only did it feel great- I can really tell a difference after that session. My husband at lunch said "you really do look younger"! I have been using the Acuomatic on my patients and have noticed a huge difference in how easily they adjust! Life is beautiful!"

--Mary Beth Magnus, Chiropractor, West Virginia, USA (Oct 2011)

"Thank you sooo much for sharing this opportunity with me this past weekend at the level 1 course in Calgary. I learned so much and look forward to sharing this service in my community. The course was fun and very well taught! THANK YOU! I will be seeing you again at the level 2 course in April."

--Karen Campbell, Saskatchewan, Canada (Oct 2011)

"I recently attended the Level One SCFR course in Calgary, Alberta. Carla and Bill put on the most informative and exciting course that I have ever attended and I am so excited to begin treating clients in the Vegreville, Alberta area. This technology is amazing and I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to share it with others."

--Leanne Schellenberg, Alberta, Canada, (Oct 2011)

"Last weekend, I took the Level 2 Facial Rejuvenation course in Calgary. I already had a good understanding of how to improve health and maintain a youthful appearance with level one but was impressed to learn the techniques, knowledge and benefits of the second level course. As the mother of young competitive athletes often traveling with their teams, I am excited to use the new techniques to prevent and treat injuries that inevitably occur. The extra knowledge I gained to treat Rosacea and TMJ have already resulted in new bookings and help for my existing clients. Thank you Carla and Bill. The second level course was well worth the time and investment and a really fun weekend. All the best."

--Trudi Bowman, Alberta, Canada, (Oct 2011)

"I just got back from the Second Chance level two course in Calgary. It was the most interesting fun filled 3 day course I have ever had the pleasure of doing. Carla is professional, passionate and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend the course for anyone interested in looking and feeling great as well as sharing this incredible protocol with family friends and clients. It will enhance any business and it will bring a fresh new perspective to many others. Amazing experience thanks so much for sharing this protocol."

--Natalia Warrington Jorgensen, Ontario, Canada, (Oct 2011)

"I did a facial rejuvenation treatment on a new client today. At the end of her appointment she said "Wow, that was pure bliss". What a great way to start the week. I love what I do and thanks to Carla and Bill for sharing this protocol."

--Lisa Norman, Alberta, Canada, (Sept 2011)

"Carla's Facial Rejuvenation course this weekend was a breath of fresh air: crammed with highly credible science-based information right down to cellular/DNA repair levels, lots of hands-on technique training, and it left me energized and grounded, even after long and intensive days. Seeing misleading full-page newspaper ads about so-called "non-invasive" facial treatments that inject toxic substances (what's the long term effect?) or with euphemistic terms describing procedures that kill or damage cells, it is refreshing to learn a protocol that is truly 100 % safe and gentle, has been well proven with over 4,000+ procedures over the past 8 years, and has an amazing client satisfaction rating of 98%! It is only a matter of time before word gets out to mainstream media - there will certainly be an explosion in demand for both the procedure and for the practitioner training (which anyone can take with no prerequisites, to create an instant lucrative and low cost personal business!)"

--Tony Van Kessel, Ontario, Canada, (May 2011)


"Another fabulous Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation course this past weekend in Toronto! As a new Advanced SCFR Technician, I am now trained to also be able to help people with their Acne, Rosacea, TMJ and other cosmetic, health and wellness issues. Thanks Carla and Bill for all the hard work you've done to make it so easy for others to follow your footsteps!"

--Sue Van Kessel, Ontario, Canada, (May 2011)

"I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a great deal at your course this past weekend in Toronto. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and inspiring. I look forward to incorporating your Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation protocol into my existing massage therapy practice."

--Sandra Currie, Registered Massage Therapist, Ontario, Canada (May 2011)

"What a wonderful learning experience! Carla and Bill were great teachers and mentors. Level 2 was amazing with more protocols, and seeing how TMJ problem got better step by step was beyond your wildest dreams! It was an eye opening experience! I'm so pumped and putting my gear in starting this business and envisioning making millions of people happy! If you are still thinking if Level 1 is worth it, it is, and if level 2 is even more worth it, it is even more!"

--Akiko Fukami Brownstein, Ohio, USA, (May 2011)

"I just finished an incredible 2 day course in Toronto. I had the pleasure of meeting the most down to earth energetic group of people that inspired, motivated and confirmed that healthy lifestyles can be attained without chemical or surgical enhancements. The bright glowing faces that greeted me were enough to get me on the road to joining the second chance training program and start on the natural way to the best that we can be. Thank you Bill & Carla and all the wonderful new people I met this weekend in Toronto. I'm totally hooked and hope to help all of my friends family and many others on the path to continued natural beauty."

--Natalia Warrington Jorgensen, Ontario, Canada, (May 2011)

"Hi Carla and Bill, this past weekend's Level 1 course was phenomenal!! Thank you so much!! It was a great mixture of theory and practice!! This is a great protocol because it addresses lifestyle, health and your vanity :-) - beauty from the inside out!! I notice a significant change in the texture, clarity and firmness in my face..every day since the course I am still noticing changes!! On a health level - I have had fibromyalgia for several years... and with my "maturing" years the symptoms have come back with a vengeance! Interesting to note that after the meridian balancing on the Saturday my hip and thigh muscle pain has been gone (5 days later still no pain) and I have had full range of motion in my neck!!! Looking forward to starting my journey of making a positive health and beauty impact for others using this protocol."

--Carol Warren, Registered Nurse,Ontario, Canada, (Feb 2011) (Note from Carla: Carol reported in May 2011 that her pain had NEVER returned!)

"Carla and Bill, thank you for this past weekend in Edmonton! Level 2 got me so pumped and inspired to get started with my business now. I already have a few clients interested in acne and TMJ treatments. And I know that lots of people will want their faces lifted in a natural, risk- and pain free way!"

--Anna Frödin-King, Alberta, Canada (Feb 2011)

"I see so much more than 'looking younger'! Increased Self Esteem and Energy, Positive Outlook on Life, a more outgoing personality, getting more enjoyment out of life, confidence booster, incentive for a healthier lifestyle, a more 'ageless' attitude, 'renewed desire' to live life to it's fullest each day. . . .perhaps the list is limitless, depending upon each individual person. How does one put a price tag on that?! Anyway you look at it, it's definitely a GOOD THING!!"

--MaryLouise Mennen, Arizona, USA, (October 2010)

"Just finished taking my Level II class this weekend--AWESOME!! So excited to share this technique and all of the amazing things I learned. Great class and thank you for helping us all to look younger!!"

--Madelon Hassberger, Michigan, USA (May 2010)

"I just finished taking the level one facial rejuvenation course this weekend in Toronto with Carla and Bill. As a seasoned holistic practitioner with many different courses under my belt l can honestly say that it was the most gratifying course that I have ever taken. Both Carla and Bill provided an atmosphere of fun, hands on learning with a course outline that was extremely organized. I began the course feeling fatigued and somewhat skeptical and left feeling very energized and excited about my future. It is very clear that Carla and Bill are passionate about helping others and are interested in sharing their wisdom and wealth with other like minded people."

--Barbara Lush, Ontario, Canada, (May 2010)

"Second Level was even better than I had hoped. Great class and great people. I have had a whole new world opened up for me."

--Pat Petersen, Alberta, Canada, (June 2010)

"I completed the MicroCurrent Facial Rejuvenation Level 1 this last weekend and in a word AMAZING! I have been interested in alternative heath solutions for many years, dabbled some and am now on a path to learn as much as possible! This course teaches one an amazing skill to help people look their best and teases one with so many other things that makes one HUNGRY to learn more! Meridian Balancing, Needless Acupuncture, Essential Oils - Oh My! Thank you Carla and Bill for helping to light the excitement to carry on in my quest to learn, grow and give back to people with the knowledge I took from this weekend … I can't wait for Level II - see you in Toronto!!!!"

 --Linda Conti, Alberta, Canada, (June 2010)

"The Level 2 training was great! And I'm already lining up people to practice on to show how well it works! Thanks for everything!"

--Lynda Hare, Alberta, Canada, (June 2010)

"Had a fun weekend ...... always very informative! Great to see some people from my level 1 class and nice to meet new people .... Looking forward to starting my new business making people LOOK and feel their best :))"

--Shannon Dedora, Alberta, Canada, (June 2010)

"Thanks so much for a great weekend and course! I really appreciated the overall wholistic approach, Carla and Bill's enthusiastic delivery, their commitment and passion! It was great meeting you both!"

--Kim Grunling, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Feb 2010)

"Your microcurrent facial rejuvenation class this past week was very interesting and inspiring. I am very excited to have another tool I can access to support my health and others. I'm looking forward to learning more in the future. Bless you both for your passion in this."

--Deb H Spendiff, Dental Hygeneist, Alberta, Canada, (Feb 2010)

"I could go to SCFR trainings 1 and 2 over and over again to just keep on learning. I love these trainings. Carla and Bill are such good teachers that it's fun to be there.If you have not done this you should really consider it. If you've completed Training 1 then you need Training 2. You won't regret it."

--Shari Kay Reeder, Colorado, USA, (Feb 2010)

"Hi Carla and Bill, Just a note to thank you again for a wonderful weekend of learning. Taking Level Two was inspirational for me and I was very exited to be able to advance to a new level. Since becoming involved with your courses a year ago I have found out just how important it is to keep your body healthy. I am very thankful for the tools you have provided for me to be able to keep me and my family healthy from the inside out."

--Karen Anderson, Alberta, Canada, (Feb 2010)

"Great to meet you Carla and Bill. I enjoyed learning the rejuvenation program Level1 and have started to arrange for clients to begin their facials already. I have many ideas of how to incorporate the information into my practise. Looking forward to Level 2.

--Jane Welsh Physical Therapist, Saskatchewan, Canada, (Feb 2010)

"The event was everything that I had hoped for. I am looking for my volunteers already. I'm excited about using the techniques you've shown me. The nutrition I already incorporate into my lifestyle. Feeding your body, improving your appearance from the inside out. I already walk the talk : )"

--Jeff Klima, Washington, USA, (Feb 2010)

"I LOVE this protocol and it does more than help you look younger. When my husband has a headache, I do the meridian balancing treatment and within 20 of the finishing the treatment, his headache is gone! Thanks to Carla and Bill for sharing this phenomenal protocol."

--Lisa Norman, Alberta, Canada, (Feb 2010)

"Thanks Carla and Bill for the invigorating workshop this past weekend. All the elements bring together a great approach for optimal holistic health with the added bonus of looking really great. :)"

--Cassandra Bryant, Ontario, Canada, (Feb 2010)

"I enjoyed the class very much and I'm very excited to attend level 2 and hopefully, many other classes that you already provide and may possibly provide in the future. It was a pleasure to meet both of you and I look forward to conversing with you in the weeks ahead."

--Karen Buffington, Oklahoma, USA, (Feb 2010)

"Last weekend, while attending the Level 1 training for microcurrent facial rejuvenation, I gained some valuable knowledge and tools that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Not only will I look younger longer, I will have enhanced my health from the inside out using these easy-to-learn techniques. Bill and Carla you are both very knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing that knowledge! I need to get busy and master these techniques so I can fill the list of requests from friends and family who also want to be more youthful and healthy!"

--Rose Stewart, Alberta, Canada, (Feb 2010)

"Hello, Carla! I did my first full facial treatment since returning yesterday. Last night I was out with the fellow I'm seeing. He's been of the country for a while and I don't think we'd seen each other since I went to Toronto. Several times during the evening he remarked on how good I looked and asked whether I'd done something different with my hair, or had changed the lighting. I think it's the SCFR :-) I could see the difference in the mirror as I did the treatment on one side and then the other. Thanks again!" Love and light,

--Katherine, US Naturopathic Doctor (Sept 2008)

"Hello Carla and Bill! You have designed a course that is concise and well organized, making it easy to understand and implement. Unlike some classes I have taken after which I needed time to get more comfortable with the material before actually using it with paying clients, with the laminated reminder sheets I was able to start working with clients immediately upon my return from the first level class! The level 2 training included wonderful new components that allow for expansion of market potential. Part of the level 2 training is a repeat of the first level - I thought I'd be bored - but ended up 'fine-tuning' my technique and understanding of the process - which really made it worthwhile for me. Ultimately, I would like to thank you for sharing this wonderful program. It is truly gratifying to know that I can help someone look younger and feel better with this program and that while doing so I am also supporting their general health. My clients are already seeing results such as; cheeks lifted, eyes more open, less hooded, wrinkles shrinking, bags under eyes greatly reduced or even gone and discolorations fading. Furthermore they seem to find the sessions themselves so relaxing and enjoyable that I think some of them come just for that reason alone! Thank you!"

--Fiona MacKinnon (November 2008)

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    May 31, 2018

    In Level two you will learn how to treat additional conditions and earn more per hour. Must have completed Level One.

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  • I did a facial rejuvenation treatment on a new client today. At the end of her appointment she said "Wow, that was pure bliss". What a great way to start the week. I love what I do and thanks to Carla and Bill for sharing this protocol. -Lisa Norman
  • The most dramatic changes were around the eye area and the jaw line. The texture of the skin also became more refined, the pores less defined. The facial creams and the essential oils are wonderful and the TMJ massage is awesome.-J.H
  • Reduction of deeper wrinkles around eyes and mouth, better skin tone, upper eyelids lifted making eyes look larger, a great experience! Rated experience 9/10 for satisfaction.-S.E