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Lois McElrea Review of Career

June 2012

Dear Bill and Carla

I just retired yesterday from an awesome 4+ year journey that I want to tell you about in case you ever want to share my experience with anyone who wants an exciting career.

Four and a half years ago  I was in Edmonton for a 2 day conference. At the end of the second day Carla had a few minutes on the program and she said she was offering a course on micro-current facial rejuvenation in Calgary in January or San Diego in February. I had been racking my brain for months trying to figure out how I could make a business out of  my knowledge of essential oils and here was my answer. Carla had emphasized that the process was accompanied by Young Living products all the way. I came home and felt I had figured out a new career.

The course in San Diego was awesome and Bill and Carla made it so much fun. But it was overwhelming and I came home thinking I can never do this, I will never remember what to do. But with SCFR charts I practiced and it all fell into place.

As I worked towards my certification that spring I heard about a program that the Ontario government had in place at the time. If you had been on Employment Insurance (EI) in the past 5 years you might qualify for a course in starting up a new business and grants to get you going. I had been on EI briefly nearly 5 years previously when I was between contracts at a national charity. I applied and after a rigorous process (submitting business plan, interviews) I was accepted. The course was amazing and the hardest work I have ever done but I was just so grateful to be part of it.

I took Level 2 of SCFR in Calgary in June, got certified in August, completed my Small Business Course in Sept. and was ready for business Oct. 1. I rented a room in a local spa beginning Oct. 1. There were hair dressers, massage therapists and estheticians also renting space so my ideal clients were already coming in the door.

As part of the small business course through the Ontario government I had a mentor for 6 months and a grant to help get my business going. The reason for the grant is that most small businesses fail because the owners do not have the money to put back into their businesses, they need whatever earnings are generated to pay their bills. The grant was the max. EI benefit, which at the time was $423/week.

My business has been so fun. I have loved every one of my clients, yes, even the crusty ones. I took it as a personal challenge to get those people relaxed and happy and 'softened up' after their hour spent with me, even though their face was 'firmed up'.  But most of my clients were great people I would love as friends. I learned about their families, their struggles and their triumphs. We shared laughter and tears.

It has been an amazing journey and I am so thankful I ever met Bill and Carla. They have been mentors extraordinaire and I thank them both so much for the fabulous courses they have put together and all their support.

Lois McElrea


(Note from Carla and Bill: The Ontario Government closely scrutinized Lois's application to start up a Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation business. The business she chose had to be considered viable and have a strong possibility of being successful. The Micro current Facial Rejuvenation process we developed passed the rigorous government criteria and Lois was awarded not only one but two grants to get her business started! )

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