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Harness Vanity for Health

The vain quest for beauty is often perceived as a negative thing.  People go to extreme lengths, often spending excessive amounts of money, submitting themselves to procedures that involve high risk and tissue damage. Most, if not all, beauty procedures involve damage to the body:  cutting(surgery), burning(laser skin resurfacing), cooking(thermage), and sanding (microdermabrasion) etc.  Can you imagine what is possible if you could enhance your looks AND your health at the same time without inflicting damage on the body?

The three biggest challenges to making positive changes in your life are motivation, cost and speed of results. The biggest challenge is usually motivation.  People know what they need to do to lose weight, lower their cholesterol etc. but they lack the motivation to make those changes.  Vanity is one of the most powerful motivating forces I have come across in my entire 30 year health care career. Prove to someone that making a lifestyle change will prevent or reverse a wrinkle and they are enthusiastically on board with the program.

Another challenge to health enhancement is the cost.  I have witnessed people who can afford the money to make lifestyle changes to improve their health, but they do not value this as a priority, so make the claim "they can't afford it". But they can afford beauty products or procedures that will enhance their looks! Why? Because they value this more than they value enhancing their health!

In this age of instant gratification we all want results fast! We do not want to wait to see a difference. Provide change in a short period of time and you capture attention!

Imagine if there was a protocol that produces results quickly (within 60 minutes), is affordable, involves no tissue damage AND enhances health? We have developed a protocol that enhances your looks, with results that rival Botox and collagen fillers, AND enhances your overall health as well!  Interested in learning more about this cutting edge protocol?  View this short video

Did you know the signs of aging can be reversed with nutrition alone?  Eat all the right things, and none of the wrong things and you will see a difference in your face in 4 days! We have developed a 4 Day Nutritional Face Lift that we are happy to share with you. Drop us an email and we will forward you a copy. Be sure to take a photo of your face before and after your 4 Day Nutritional Face Lift as the differences you will see are significant!

So let's embrace vanity as a positive force that you can harness to provide powerful motivation to enhance your looks and your health.

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