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Lois McElrea Review of Career

I just retired yesterday from an awesome 4+ year journey that I want to tell you about in case you ever want to share my experience with anyone who wants an exciting career.
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Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation puts a crimp in the aging process

Bill Green of Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation demonstrates micro current treatment on his wife Carla in Rocky Mountain House.
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In the past decade, we have seen a huge explosion of surgical and non surgical facial techniques that improve the quality, tone and color of aging skin. Now I have a particular interest in this area (may have something to do with my aging), and have I been asked many times, can I and how do we stop, or turn back the clock. First off, aging skin is a multi dimensional problem.
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Save your Skin, Starve a Wrinkle

Just as the word “glycosylation” will destroy your opponent in Scrabble, the process of Glycosylation destroys your body’s youthfulness from the skin right down to the arteries! At the skin level the glycosylation of collagen causes your skin to become less elastic resulting in increased wrinkles and skin stiffness. But that is just the obvious surface damage! Other changes are occurring deep inside the body at a molecular level!
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If You Look Younger, You Live Longer

Youthful looks, your life may depend on it! A recent Danish study of elderly twins demonstrated a connection between longevity and your looks. Those who looked younger than their age, had a lower mortality rate. Looking deeper into this phenomenon it was discovered that the younger looking twin had longer telomeres, the coating on the tips of DNA that determine how soon a cell may die. The longer the telomere the healthier the cell. How can you lengthen your telomeres? Research shows that it is back to basic diet lifestyle advice:
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